Plants you can grow

Vegetables, herbs and plants you can grow in your Hydroponic garden

10 gallon tote

A lettuce, tomato and English cucumber sandwich with a touch of mayo is one of my favourite snacks that I enjoy in the summer with a glass of cold lemonade. Growing cucumbers indoors along with the other two veggies will provide a great way of having home grown veggies all year long. If you grow […]

how to grow hydroponic lettuce

Over the winter months I like to grow lettuce in my indoor small 6 net pot hydroponic system. I was quite impressed to see how easy it was to grow lettuce and is probably the best thing to grow as a newbie How to grow hydroponic lettuce from seed If you have purchased a complete hydroponic […]

Hydroponic Celery

This is a great fun project for kids. Celery is a versatile vegetable; you can put it in salads, soups, stews or do what I like to do, add a little salt in the hollow, then crunch away as a nice snack. I love celery!! As kids we use to fight over who got the celery […]