Hydroponic Net Pot Review – Why Use One?

For the beginner to hydroponics the word net pot or sometimes called a net cup are new words for your vocabulary as they will be mentioned a lot of times in the process of learning about hydroponics.

So what is a hydroponic net pot any way?

It’s a small pot usually comes in black to prevent algae (see wikipedia) growth.  These pots come in a variety of sizes as you will find out when you become more familiar with hydroponics.  We only need to concern ourselves with the 2″, 3″ and 3.75” net pots. The 3.75″ net pots are the ones I use in my 12 pot system, I would recommend the 3″ net pots as they can be purchased in smaller quantities.

3″ Net Cup Review


Net Cup, 3-Inch, 12-Pack
Overall Ranking: 93 out of 100
Price: about CDN$9 depending where you live
Owners: Hydrofarm
Best Price for small quantities: Amazon 


To have healthy plants you need a good healthy root system and good drainage to prevent the roots from drowning. That’s why these net cups are designed perfectly to give the roots easy access to the nutrients allowing the roots to grow into the nutrients without binding in the pot. They work well with the clay pebbles that I use and the majority of other grow medium.

They are easty to clean with a soft brush to remove any leftover roots. A soak in a hydrogen peroxide bath and they are good to go again.

The are perfect for both the beginner and expert because they are a nice size for a wide range of plants.

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