3 Reasons why beginners don’t grow spinach hydroponically


When we start a new project or hobby we always want things to go smoothly and turn out the way we hope they will. When they do turn out well this gives us encouragement to carry on and do more things. We always like to tell our friends of our successes about the new project or venture we just started but not so much about our failures.

There is nothing more disappointing than starting a new project and having it not turn out as well as we expect it to. That is what I found out when I tried to grow spinach hydroponically.

That’s the reasons I recommended growing lettuce as your first starter vegetable in your new hydroponic system.

Here are 3 reasons why not to grow spinach as your first crop.

  1. Germination time . Check the back of the packet and you will find that germination takes anywhere from 7 – 21 days to sprout. Checking your pots for 21 days to see if they have sprouted can be very discouraging for a beginner or child when they first start.
  2. You will need to buy or make a larger hydroponic system to accommodate more plants because these are best picked while the leaves are small and tender. Full grown spinach is tougher and not as nice as baby spinach in salads.
  3.  Kids don’t like spinach unless there name is Popeye.

At some point you may feel I just have to give it a go and see how it turns out. Here are a couple of video’s that will help you become successful, speed up the germination process and generate an abundant harvest.

Note: These are YouTube videos so be patient and let them load its well worth the look.

Growing Hydroponic Spinach part 1 – Germination and Transplanting


Growing Hydroponic Spinach part 2 – Growing and Harvesting


Amazing what you can grow

If you have read this far I am sure you saw the videos and I hope it has encouraged you take up this hydroponic hobby and keep you gardening throughout the winter.  Its quite amazing what you can grow from a container with a few net pots some grow medium, nutrients and a few seeds.

You gotta love hydroponics,

John C


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