Aquaponics Gardening for All

Aquaponics gardening is a project you can do yourself or get the whole family involved and enjoy together. If this is something you would like to try you have two options which I will explain later.

By the time you have finished reading this article you will be able to compare the two types of gardening Aquaponics Vs Hydroponics as discussed in my previous articles.

This will give you enough knowledge to decide if this will be a solo endeavor or a project that the whole family can enjoy.

What child does not like to have a goldfish?

They are the most traditionally given away prize at any local fair ground. I think I was seven when I first got mine.

The thrill of coming home with that plastic bag filled with water and my goldfish. I think I called him Joey. Though it was a long time ago I do remember talking to him all the way home.

The goldfish was free but then my parents had to buy the bowl to put him in and the fish food. I was told that it was my responsibility to clean out the fish bowl once a week. Even though I promised I did have help from my mom in the beginning.

Anyway that’s enough about me… let’s get back on track.

Aquaponics gardening is ideal for families, adults and children.

Aquaponics Gardening for the family

This could be started as a hobby or a family project. Later as you progress in knowledge and experience you could make it larger.

By then you would have enough herbs and vegetables to help support the food bill, or surprise your friends by giving them a few and tell them about your new venture.

It’s a twofold enjoyment where the family can watch the fish and the plants grow and the plants enjoy the fish poop. Of course, later you will enjoy the bountiful harvest of whatever organic crop you decided to grow.


We all know that organic herbs, vegetables and fruit are the best for our health. They are also the most expensive to buy. Everyone is talking about the health benefits of organic food as opposed to GMO foods.

Aquaponics gardening is great because you get the full benefit of chemically free grown food. Even if you only grow a few herbs you would enjoy the benefit of having them fresh.


Children love to get involved with any new project and will ask an abundance of questions. It will also depend on their age as to what they can do and how much supervision they require from mom and dad.

Here are a couple of suggestions.

  1. They could have the responsibility to feed the fish every day.
  2. They can check that the bubbler is working properly.

The bubbler will teach them that fish do need oxygen in the water to be healthy.

They will have a close up experience of watching how plants grow from seeds to full grown plants

This will be something they will always remember and will help with their gardening experience in the future.

Seniors or Retired

Retirement is a new chapter in anyone’s life and many find it to be a challenge. That seems funny to say, but is true for many people. If you have had a successful working life once you retire you may feel like a fish out of water, excuse the pun.

Finding a hobby they say… is the best medicine to overcome the retirement blues also known as the empty nest syndrome for women.

Fun for all

Whether you live in an apartment or have no garden at all Aquaponics or Hydroponics gardening is a way to enjoy a small garden. You can easily set one up and maintain it either indoors or outdoors.

Some of the benefits

How could setting up your own aquaponics garden benefit you?

  • You don’t need any land.
  • You don’t do any back breaking work preparing the land.
  • You don’t do any weeding… I hate weeding don’t you?
  • It doesn’t take up much room
  • Much cheaper organic food
  • Food available without having to travel

Not everyone is fortunate enough to live near a grocery store. Therefore you would have the benefit of cutting off a few lettuce leaves or pick a few herbs as you require them.

If you have a short growing season like I do, a small indoor system would be ideal.

This brings us back to the two options I spoke of at the beginning of this article.


Option 1: Build your own aquaponics garden

If you are handy with a few tools and you can acquire the necessary parts you can build your Aquaponics System from scratch.

This method is for the most adventures person who would love the challenge. This I think would be the less expensive approach and the most fun.

Whether you are building a house or a dog house you always need plans and it’s the same with aquaponics. You can search the internet to put together your own plans or to save you the time take a look the article.

How to make an aquaponics system!


Option 2: Buy an aquaponics kit you assemble

This would be the preferred method for a lot of people as everything is in the kit. They come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes with a varying range of prices to fit your budget.

Some are small enough to fit on a kitchen counter or in a living room or bedroom. As I have said before you can search the internet for these or check out this article.

Aquaponics supplies!


Whatever option you decide it’s all about having fun and enjoyment. The next questions to ask are.

  • What herbs, vegetables or fruit would I like to grow?
  • What kind of fish should I get?

That would be your own personal choice and I will leave that for another article.

Thanks for reading