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As you may realize purchasing a ready-made Aquaponics system is far more expensive than purchasing a set of plans and building one yourself. The price rang can vary from about $50 US to just under $1000 US or more.

The unfortunate part of the expense would be the shipping costs but then again if you don’t live near a local hardware store or hydroponics / aquaponics store you may have no option other than to buy a ready-made kit.

I have found a few kits that might be adequate to get you started.

I was in Wal-Mart a few days ago and noticed that they have a small counter top aquaponics system for less than $20. This was a small one fish system that could be used to grow a few herbs.

In this article the Aquaponics systems I found were from Amazon. I checked their customer reviews and only listed them if I their review star rating where above 3. Before you make any purchase decision check out these reviews for yourself.

I have linked the product information and customer reviews under each product section for your convenience.

One last thing…

Prices may vary to what I have listed this is due to currency exchange and shipping cost to your location.

I hope the information will help you make an educated decision should you decide to make a purchase.

Should you make a purchase through these Amazon links I will receive a small commission from Amazon so I thank you in advance for your support.


Springworks Microfarm Aquaponic Garden

Aquaponics SystemProduct location: Amazon

Product Price: Around $199 US + shipping.

For more information about this product click on the product reviews link below. Then scroll down for the customer reviews. These reviews are quite interesting and are in the 5 star rating. The review page will also provide the current price and availability.

[Springworks Microfarm Aquaponic Garden – Reviews]


Back to the Roots Aqua Farm

Aquaponic SystemProduct Location: Amazon

Product Price: Around: $65 US + shipping.

This is a small economically priced system. I doesn’t come with a light source so it would rely on lighting like any house plants would.

This product has a lot of reviews that are mostly positive but it would be advisable to read them before you make that purchase. You can find the review page in the link below.

[Back to Roots Aqua Farm – Review]


More products will be added later!!!