how to grow hydroponic lettuce

Over the winter months I like to grow lettuce in my indoor small 6 net pot hydroponic system. I was quite impressed to see how easy it was to grow lettuce and is probably the best thing to grow as a newbie

How to grow hydroponic lettuce from seed

If you have purchased a complete hydroponic system as a kit you will have net-pots that come with the kit. If hydroponics tomatoeyou decide to be adventurous and build your own system you will have to purchase net-pots or make them out of plastic containers. Her is a photo of a net-pot with a young tomato plant growing.

Plant in hydroponicsFill half the pot up with the growing medium, in my case I use the clay pellets. Also in your kit you should have some Rockwool cubes, these come in various sizes depending on the plants you want to grow. Drop the seed in the hole in the center of the Rockwool cube and place the cube in the center of the net-pot. Top up the net-pot with clay-pellets or gravel or whatever growing medium that comes with your kit. Make sure the growing medium is level with the top of the Rockwool and place the now ready to grow net-pot into your system. All you have to do now is wait and soon you will see the young lettuce start to grow.

 Here’s how I grew my hydroponic lettuce without using Rockwool

I put an empty net-pot in my system and filled it with clay pellets to just above the water mark. I 20140819_163953sprinkled the seeds on top and added one layer of clay pellets on top of the seeds. You just have to make sure the seeds are getting moisture from the clay pellets and are not drowning in the water. After a few days you will see the young lettuce have germinated and start to grow as in the picture.

20140825_134214Here is another photo of the lettuce taken a  few more days later. Its now easy to thin out the lettuce and leaving about three in the pot. Once they grow stronger like when they get there second leaf you can add more clay pellets to help support them as they grow.

Once they have grown large enough you can crop a few outer leaves off and add them to your salad. The nice thing is you don’t have to harvest the whole plant at once. Just keep picking of the leaves as required.

There you have it… nice fresh young tasty lettuce you grew yourself indoors.




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    It sounds interesting and not that difficult as I thought! I think I will try it. I can imagine it would be fun and kids would be delighted!

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      Thanks Electra, if you make a small hydroponic system it can be easy to move around.

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