How to Make an Aquaponics System

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Have you ever been given a used jigsaw puzzle only to find that 4 or 5 pieces were missing? How frustrating is that?

Trying to find out how to make an aquaponics system by searching the internet for free information is just like trying to put a jigsaw puzzle together with pieces missing.

You will waist a lot of time only to become more frustrated and maybe give up on the idea.

I have searched through the internet and found a few people that provide aquaponics system plans to hopefully keep your search down to a minimum. That way you can get into the fun stuff and start growing your own veggies etc.

I hope the reviews listed in this article provide enough information for you to make the right choice and find a system that suites your needs.

There are many so called experts scattered over the internet all claiming that their system is the best. The most important question I would ask is “does it come with money back guarantee?”

That’s why you will find the information in this list all come with a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee.


Aquaponics 4 Idiots

You will find in his information that Sam Adams is a certified organic farmer, an aquaponics expert and the creator of “Aquaponics 4 Idiots”. He claims this is an idiot proof way of building an aquaponics system.

Along with the eBook are diagrams, explanations, and a step by step video instruction guide so you will have no problem building a small or large aquaponics system.

Sam also offers a few bonus eBooks along with your purchase.

  • Organic Gardening for Beginners
  • Herbs for Health and Home
  • A Guide to flower Gardening
  • Worm Farming – The World Best Compost
  • Guide to Organic Cooking
  • Eating healthy

The last time I checked this product was reasonably priced around $37 US.

Guaranteed: Yes… 60 Day Money back no questions asked.

[Check here for current price and availability]

Over all RANK: 4.0/5


Aquaponics System Solutions

Build an Aquaponic SystemSteven Fu provides a Do-It-Yourself Aquaponics System eBook along with videos. This teaches you how you can build not one but three proven aquaponics systems and designs and how to grow organic food.

You can build your first aquaponics system in about half a day if you follow:

  1. The step by step information in the training manual
  2. Watch the how to videos that show you step by step how Steven built his aquaponics system

With Steven’s background in the aviation and boiler engineering industry he has come up with a new and improved siphon system based on the “Bernoulli Principle.”

Here is a sneak preview of what you will learn.

  • How to build 3 unique aquaponics systems
  • How you can design your own system
  • The secret to Stevens siphon design
  • Step by step instructions
  • And so much more stuff…

That’s not all…  along with the eBook and instruction video, Steve provides additional eBooks as a bonus along with his package. (I hope the bonuses are still available.)

  1. Build Your Own Greenhouse.
  2. Fish recipes.
  3. A collection of The Best Salad Recipes.
  4. Fish Breeding Secrets

And a year’s subscription to his “Aquaponics System How-To Premium Newsletter” along with lifetime support.

The last time I checked this product it was reasonably priced around $39 US.

Guaranteed: Yes… 60 Day Love-It-Or-Return Guarantee!

[Check here for current price and availability]

Over all RANK: 4.4/5


Easy DIY Aquaponics

Easy DIY AquaponicsThis system and instructions are put together by Andrew Endres.

If you are not an experienced builder and have no experience raising fish or growing food this may be right for you. With Andrews cut and paste method, building your own Aquaponics Garden couldn’t be easier.

All you need are some basic tools and with Andrews parts list you can get most of the material from your local hardware store.

The approximate cost to complete this project is much less than $200 US.

One of the many interesting features in his eBook is the 3D design drawings which give a visual of how it will look.

Along with “Easy DIY Aquaponics” are the free bonus eBooks

  • Worm Farming
  • Inside Tips to Healthy living
  • DIY Green House Plans
  • Build a Windmill Plans
  • Vegan Cooking for Newbie’s
  • Survival Plans

The last time I checked this product was reasonably priced around $37 US.

Guaranteed: Yes… 60 Day Love it or its free Guarantee!

[Check here for current price and availability]

Over all RANK: 4.6/5


The Ultimate Guide to Home Aquaponics

The Ultimate Guide to Home AquaponicsMany people make mistakes when trying to build an aquaponics system from free information. Gary Cooper was no exception.

In his eBook “The Ultimate Guide to Home Aquaponics” Gary has ironed out the mistakes so you don’t have to make them. With his twenty plus years of experience Gary teaches you answers to the following questions.

  • How big a tank do you need?
  • What fish are suited for an aquaponics tank?
  • How do you keep your aquaponics system balanced?
  • What are the best beds for the vegetables to be planted on?
  • Can you run your aquaponics system on solar energy?

Other details you probably did not think about are:

  • Should I use food grade containers?
  • What about bacteria?
  • What are the 10 common household vegetables you can grow in an aquaponics system?

This list goes on and on giving great information to help the newbie to quickly get the best out of their aquaponics system.

The last time I checked this Aquaponics Guide was reasonably priced at $26.77 US.

Guaranteed: Yes… Zero Risk 60-Day Money back Guarantee.

[Check here for current price and availability]

Over all RANK: 4.0/5

This would be a great supplemental eBook because it covers the priceless knowledge Gary has found and perfected over his past 20 years experience.


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